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Table 6 Comparing model predicted maximum serum concentration (Cmax) ng/mL for lumefantrine and desbutyl-lumefantrine by treatment arms

From: Parasite clearance, cure rate, post-treatment prophylaxis and safety of standard 3-day versus an extended 6-day treatment of artemether–lumefantrine and a single low-dose primaquine for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Bagamoyo district, Tanzania: a randomized controlled trial

 Lumefantrine Cmax, ng/mL (95% CI)pDesbutyl-lumefantrine Cmax, ng/mL (95% CI)p
Control arm
 Recurrent parasitaemia (n = 18)15,322.8 (12,780.8–17,864.8)0.0558.8 (48.7–68.9)0.17
 Non-recurrent parasitaemia (n = 17)12,079.2 (8308.0–15,850.5)47.8 (32.7–62.8)
 Recurrent parasitaemia (n = 13)16,197.3 (12,505.1–19,889.5)0.1574.6 (59.3–89.8)0.39
 Non-recurrent parasitaemia (n = 25)13,147.9 (9162.7–17,133.2)72.1 (46.4–97.8)