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Table 1 Main demographic, clinical and laboratory data

From: Dynamics of anti-malarial antibodies in non-immune patients during and after a first and unique Plasmodium falciparum malaria episode

 Median (IQR) or number (%)
Demographical data
  Female10 (27.78%)
  Male26 (72.22%)
 Age, years50 (31–57)
  Africa1 (2.78%)
  Europe34 (94.44%)
  USA1 (2.78%)
Clinical data
 Fever (°C) at admission38.2 (37.05–39)
 Severe malaria5 (13.89%)
  Discharged without complications35 (97.22%)
  Transferred to other hospitals1 (2.78%)
 Febrile days before diagnosis2 (1–3)
Laboratory data
 Parasitaemia at diagnosis (N/µL)18,760 (1020–172,992)
 Max Parasitaemia during admission (N/µL)18,760 (1243–215,550)
 Hb at diagnosis (g/L)14.4 (13.1–15.6)
 Minimal Hb during admission (g/L)12.6 (11.5–13.4)
 Platelet count (Plt) at diagnosis (N/µL)102,000 (68,000–146,000)
 Minimal Plt during admission (N/µL)51,000 (41,000–71,000)
 White Blood Cells (N/µL)4640 (3850–5740)