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Table 4 Prevalence and density of larvae and pupae in different habitat types in Tororo district

From: Identification and characterization of immature Anopheles and culicines (Diptera: Culicidae) at three sites of varying malaria transmission intensities in Uganda

Habitat typeN% with Anopheles% < 10 m perimeter %with culicineAnopheles densityCulicine densityPupae density
Artificial pond20.0050.
Flood water10.00100.
Foot print425.00100.0025.000.752.550.00
Fresh water marsh425.0025.0025.000.880.100.00
Open drain50.0080.
Rice field11270.5482.1457.142.983.240.54
Sand pit10.00100.
water channel10141.5897.0324.751.480.440.01