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Table 6 Mean adult larval densities per habitat characteristic and odds ratio for presence vs. absence of larvae in habitat in comparison to pools for Kanungu district

From: Identification and characterization of immature Anopheles and culicines (Diptera: Culicidae) at three sites of varying malaria transmission intensities in Uganda

 Larval density (per dip)Regression analysis
Mean95% CIOR95% CIp-value
Habitat type
 Artificial pond1.2740.2302.3191.3440.4354.1560.603
 Container0.334− 0.9941.6610.2550.0860.6640.008
 Foot print1.2980.2822.3141.3280.5033.4820.562
 Fresh water marsh0.8000.3541.2462.0430.9664.3770.063
 Open drain0.519− 0.5981.6370.6690.2371.7780.429
 Rice field8.6266.9919.2622.1431.2134.0750.023
 River fringe0.014− 1.1620.9340.1920.0780.5230.001
 Sand pit1.5870.1832.9900.7500.2082.4580.642
 Water channel1.4660.9391.9920.6590.3491.2460.197
Habitat size
 < 10 m perimeter0.068− 0.4810.3461   
 > 100 m perimeter2.0891.4692.7081.7470.9293.2740.082
 10–100 m perimeter0.9100.4601.3611.4850.9122.4190.111
  1. CI 95% confidence interval, OR odds ratio