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Table 1 Template copy number estimates for 13 candidate qPCR assays

From: Template copy number and the sensitivity of quantitative PCR for Plasmodium falciparum in asymptomatic individuals

qPCR assay References P. falciparum DNA sequence Template copy No.a
crt This article Chloroquine-resistance transporter 1
crt76 K [13] Chloroquine-resistance transporter (76K) 1
crt76T [13] Chloroquine-resistance transporter (76T) 1
ldh(a) [14] Lactate dehydrogenase 1
ldh(b) This article Lactate dehydrogenase 1
18SrRNA(a) [15] 18S Ribosomal ribonucleic acid 3
18SrRNA(b) [16] 18S Ribosomal ribonucleic acid 3
r364(a) [17] Repetitive element 364 14
cytb [18] Cytochrome b 22
coxI This article Cytochrome oxidase I 22
varATS [19] var gene acidic terminal sequence 29
r364(b) This article Repetitive element 364 56
TARE-2 [19] Telomere-associated repetitive element 2 160
  1. a Template copy number estimates for the P. falciparum DNA sequences yielding positive fluorescent signals (based on the 3D7 P. falciparum genome)