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Table 1 Definition of variables

From: Risk factors for malaria infection prevalence and household vector density between mass distribution campaigns of long-lasting insecticidal nets in North-western Tanzania

Indicators Description
Age Age was categorized into three groups: 0.5–1 year, 2–4 years and 5–14 years
Altitude Altitude (metres) was categorized into three groups with the following cutoff Low altitude ranging (1128–1264), Medium altitude ranging (1265–1352) High altitude ranging (1353–1654)
Social economic status SES was created as a weighted sum of data on household possessions and utilities, using principal components analysis and divided into tertiles
Improved housing structure Is a binary variable where houses are coded as ‘yes’ if they have at least one of the following intact ceiling, brick walls, plastered walls, full cement floors and iron roofs
Household crowding Number of people sleeping per room. Number of sleepers per room was dichotomized into groups with 1, and > 1 person sleeping in the room
Eaves of the house Binary variable ‘open’ if household has open eaves or ‘closed’ if household has no open eaves
LLINs’ ownership Binary variable ‘yes’ if household owns at least one LLIN
Individual LLIN condition Physical condition of the net used by sleeper. The variable is categorized in. 1/ good condition net (PHI 0–64). 2/ moderate condition net (PHI 65–642) and 3/ torn net (PHI > 643)
Individual LLIN usage This is a binary variable indicating whether individual is sleeping under a net or not
Household net access Binary variable ‘yes’ if household owns enough net to cover every sleeping place. Which is number of LLINs owned (regardless if used or not) divided by the number of sleeping places
Indoor residual spraying (IRS) Binary variable ‘yes’ if household was sprayed in 2013
Livestock present Binary variable ‘yes’ if livestock are owned
Animal kept inside the house Binary variable ‘yes’ if animals are sleeping inside the household, this included goats, sheep and cows
Level of education of head of household Binary variable ‘yes’ if the head of household has at least completed primary education
Moderate to severe Anaemia Defined as haemoglobin < 8 g/dL