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Table 1 Variants of the Duffy blood group (ISBY008)

From: The biology of unconventional invasion of Duffy-negative reticulocytes by Plasmodium vivax and its implication in malaria epidemiology and public health

Phenotype Allele name Nucleotide changea Exon Predicted amino acid change
FY:1 or Fy(a+) FY*01 or FY*A c.125A>G 2 p.Asp42Gly
FY:2 or Fy(b+)b FY*02 or FY*B    
Null phenotypes
 Fy(a−b−) erythroid cells only FY*01N.01 c.-67T>C Promoter p.0
 Fy(a−b−) FY*01N.02 c.281_295del 2 p.Pro94_Val98del
 Fy(a−b−) FY*01N.03 c.408G>A 2 p.Trp136Ter
 Fy(a−b−) FY*01N.04 c.287G>A 2 p.Trp96Ter
 Fy(a−b−) FY*01N.05 c.327delC 2 p.Phe109Leufs*12
 Fy(a−b−) FY*01N.06 c.395G>A 2 p.Gly132Asp
 Fy(a−b−) FY*01N.07 c.719delG 2 p.Gly240Alafs*4
 Fy(a−b−) erythroid cells only FY*01N.08 c.-69T>C Promoter p.0
 Fy(a−b−) FY*01N.09 c.296_496delinsAGGCCACTG 2 p.Leu99_Leu165delins GlnAlaThrAla
 Fy(a−b−) erythroid cells only FY*02N.01 c.-67T>C Promoter p.0
 Fy(a−b−) FY*02N.02 c.407G>A 2 p.Trp136Ter
 Fy(a−b−) FY*02N.03 c.781G>A 2 p.Gly261Arg
 Fy(a−b−) FY*02N.04 c.179_180delCT 2 p.Ser60Cysfs*16
 Fy(a−b−) FY*02N.05 c.895G>A 2 p.Ala299Thr
 Fy(a−b−) FY*02N.06 c.151delT 2 p.Cys51Alafs*24
Weak phenotypes
 Fy(a+w) FY*01W.01 c.265C>T 2 p.Arg89Cys
 Fy(a+w) FY*01W.02 c.265C>T 2 p.Arg89Cys
c.298G>A p.Ala100Thr
 Fy(a+w) FY*01W.03 c.680G>A 2 p.Gly227Glu
 Fy(b+w), Fyx FY*02W.01 c.265C>T 2 p.Arg89Cys
c.298G>A p.Ala100Thr
 Fy(b+w), Fyx FY*02W.02 c.145G>T 2 p.Ala49Ser
c.265C>T p.Arg89Cys
c.298G>A p.Ala100Thr
 Fy(b+w) FY*02W.03 c.266G>A 2 p.Arg89His
 Fy(b+w) FY*02W.04 c.901C>T 2 p.Pro301Ser
  1. a Nucleotide numbering within the transcript is numbered according to the major transcript. The GATA-1 mutation listed here as c.-67T>C has been reported previously as − 33 and − 46
  2. b Reference allele FY*02 encodes FY3, FY5, FY6