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Table 1 Study health facilities and communities in the Ashanti and Volta Regions with pseudonyms

From: Managing intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy challenges: an ethnographic study of two Ghanaian administrative regions

Type of study site Region
Hospital(s) 3 2
Health Centre(s) 1 2
Ownership of facility
Government owned 2 3
Mission owned 2 1
Communities 4 4
  1. *Study facilities in the Ashanti region have been given the pseudonyms: ASF01, ASF02, ASF03 and ASF04. Study communities in the Ashanti region have been given pseudonyms: ASC01, ASC02, ASC03, ASC04
  2. #Study facilities in the Volta region have been given the pseudonyms VRF01, VRF02, VRF03, VRF04. Study communities in the Volta Region have been given pseudonyms: VRC01, VRC02, VRC01, VRC01