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Table 1 Core areas and analysis plan for DHIS2 evaluation plan

From: Evaluation of the malaria reporting system supported by the District Health Information System 2 in Solomon Islands

Core areas Indicators Source* Reference source Analysis
Availability Presence/absence of monthly malaria report Monthly malaria clinic reports Not applicable Presence/absence of monthly reports at province health departments
Completeness Nine malaria indicators MCMR Not applicable Proportion of completeness (total number of months with complete reporting in the selected health center/12 X number of health centres)
Timeliness Nine malaria indicators MCMR Malaria clinics to provincial HIS Time lag from the 15th of the subsequent month from malaria clinics to provincial HIS
Reliability Six malaria indicators DHIS2 MCMR Percent matching months between MCMR and DHIS2
  1. MCMR malaria case and morbidity reporting form, DHIS2 District Health Information systems 2, HIS Health Information System
  2. *Source of data; Comparision group