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Table 1 Plasmodium knowlesi isolates collected in this study

From: Genetic diversity of circumsporozoite protein in Plasmodium knowlesi isolates from Malaysian Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia

Areas Samples
Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (N = 33)
 Sandakan Division SB28, SB35, SB39, SB55, SB130, SB131, SB132, SB143, SB145, SB148, SB150, SB151, SB156
 Interior Division KN010, KN013, KN030, KN037, KN045, KN048, NB028, NB032, NB046, TB013, TB016, TB049, TB066, TB073, TN003, TN023, TN024, TN026, TN027, TN029
Peninsular Malaysia (N = 13) 5668, 5687, 5823, 5868, 6835, 6854, 6873, 7341, 7681, 7894, 7412, 8183, 8939