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Table 3 Mosquito sampling methods, number of sites sampled, frequency of trapping and outcomes

From: Malaria vector species composition and entomological indices following indoor residual spraying in regions bordering Lake Victoria, Tanzania

Method Sites Number of houses/ traps Frequency
and year
CDC light trap 10 IRS sites + 4 control sites 2 houses per site per night; 1 light trap per house per night 28 nights per month
Species composition and indoor vector abundance
CDC Light trap fitted with bottle rotator (CBR) 4 IRS sites + 4 control sites 10 houses per site per month; 2 CBRs per house per night (one indoors and one outdoors) 10 nights per month
Species composition
Biting pattern / activity
Blood meal analysis
Prokopack aspirator 4 IRS sites + 4 controls 10 houses per site per month 20 days per month
Species composition
Indoor resting density