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Table 1 Categories defining the capacity requirements for vector surveillance and control programmes

From: Capacity of National Malaria Control Programmes to implement vector surveillance: a global analysis

Major categories Subcategories Definitions
Governance Higher level planning within the NMCP for entomological surveillance
Strategic plan Document describing and outlining the full complement of recommended vector surveillance and/or control activities
Finance Guidelines Country specific standard operating procedures
Money allocated for vector surveillance activities
Budget Finances supporting the strategic plan
Financial Management System for disbursing funds
Human resources Workforce engaged to implement the strategic plan
Professional staff Planning and programme management personnel
Operational staff Personnel implementing the surveillance plan
Training Staff equipped with correct skills/knowledge
Logistics and infrastructure The ability of the vector control programme to perform functions, solve problems and achieve objectives at an institutional level
Logistics system The organization of programmatic functions
Transport The system or means of conveying people or goods from place to place (vehicles)
Infrastructure Physical structures and facilities (offices, laboratories and insectaries)
Equipment and supplies Consumables, equipment, traps and insecticides
Supply chain The sequence of processes involved in the procurement and distribution of a commodity
Information systems The techniques and methods by data is collected, recorded and distributed
Data collection Methods and forms used to record data
Data management Systems to record and analyse information
Data communication Systems to disseminate and present information