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Table 1 Countries, locations, and LLIN brands of durability monitoring

From: Variation of physical durability between LLIN products and net use environments: summary of findings from four African countries

Country Province (State) District (Local Government Area, Health Zone,) LLIN brand
Mozambique MOZ Inhambane Jangamo Royal Sentry®
Mozambique MOZ Nampula Angoche Royal Sentry®
Mozambique MOZ Tete Changara MAGNet®
Nigeria NGA Ebonyi Ishielu DawaPlus 2.0®
Nigeria NGA Oyo Akinyele DawaPlus 2.0®
Nigeria NGA Zamfara Bakura DawaPlus 2.0®
Democratic Republic Congo DRC Mongala Binga DawaPlus 2.0®
Democratic Republic Congo DRC Ubangi Sud Ndege DuraNet©
Zanzibar (Tanzania) ZNZ Pemba Wete Olyset™ Net
Zanzibar (Tanzania) ZNZ Unguja North B PermaNet 2.0®