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Table 2 LLIN fabric structures with associated knitting pattern

From: Textile testing to assess the resistance to damage of long-lasting insecticidal nets for malaria control and prevention

ISO 8388:2003;
3.5.52 Tulle
Warp knitted fabric with hexagonal openings produced by pillar stitches alternating with tricot stitches. Both stitches are reinforced by inlay threads (also referred to as a Raschel knit structure)
ISO 8388:2003;
3.5.50 Traverse Net
Warp knitted fabric with diamond shaped openings in which each stitch in the fabric consists of only one thread (also referred to as an Atlas structure)
ISO 8388:2003;
3.5.56 Marquisette
Warp knitted fabric that exhibits square openings obtained by pillar stitches that are reinforced by two sets of inlay threads lapped in opposition