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Table 1 Geographic location and characteristics of the Anopheles darlingi breeding sites where water, larvae and pupae were collected. Adults were captured in the same locations

From: Culturable bacteria associated with Anopheles darlingi and their paratransgenesis potential

Local Description GPS coordinates Date
Coari—Itapeuá -Sítio do Gordo Semirural/Dug ponds/ fish farming 4°06′45.5"S, 63°07′44.0"W 01/2014
Manaus, Puraquequara—Portela Semirural/Natural lake with small fish 3°02′47.0"S, 59°52′54.4"W 02/2017
Manaus, Puraquequara—Dona Chagas Semirural/Natural dam/fish farming 3°02′33.5"S, 59°53′15.6"W 02/2018
Manaus, Brasileirinho—Raifram Semirural/Private dam/ fish farming 3°02′11.2"S, 59°52′17.4"W 02/2018