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Table 3 Bacteria isolated from Anopheles darlingi and natural breeding water

From: Culturable bacteria associated with Anopheles darlingi and their paratransgenesis potential

Genus Eggs Larvae Pupae Adults Water
Achromobacter     C61 C64  
Acinetobacter Ovo9 Ovo14 Lar11 C41 Lar3 Lar6 Lar15 Lar19 Lar27 Pup5 Pup14 Pup19 Adu2 Adu22 Adu29 Adu6 Adu16 Adu21 Adu44 Adu48 Adu36 Wat25 Wat1 Wat3 Wat5 Wat15 Wat21 Wat27
Aeromonas    Pup4 Adu13  
Aquitalea Ovo19    Adu45  
Arthrobacter     Adu34  
Azospirillum    Pup15   
Bacillus Ovo20 Ovo5 Ovo11 Lar1 Lar2 Lar22 C39 Lar28 Pup2 Pup10 Pup1 Pup22 C21 Pup7 C45 C55 Adu39 Adu11 Adu25 Adu15 Adu43 Adu27 C46 C14 C4 C67 Wat10 Wat30 Wat29 Wat18 C2 C22
Brevibacterium   Lar20    
Burkholderia   Lar10    
Chromobacterium   Lar4 Lar7 Pup6 Adu7 Adu23 Adu1 Adu18 Adu28 Adu26 Adu37 Wat4 Wat16 Wat26 Wat12 Wat20 Wat22
Citrobacter Ovo1     
Cronobacter   Lar26    
Cupriavidus Ovo6    Adu8 Adu17 Wat34
Elizabethkingia Ovo12 Lar21   Adu12 Adu42  
Enterobacter *** Ovo2 Lar9 Lar16 Lar12 Lar24 Pup17 Adu24 Adu30 Adu49 Adu20 Wat6 Wat19 Wat13 Wat7
Exiguobacterium    Pup16   
Flectobacillus    Pup3   
Herbaspirillum     Adu31  
Klebsiella Ovo7 Lar5 Lar25 Pup18 Pup20 Adu14 Adu47 Adu35 C30 Wat8 Wat14 Wat24 Wat33 Wat2 Wat28
Leucobacter    Pup8 Pup21   
Lysinibacillus Ovo16    Adu41  
Microbacterium Ovo13 Ovo17    Adu19  
Moraxella Ovo8    Adu9  
Nubsella   Lar18    
Paenibacillus   Lar8    
Pantoea *** Ovo3 Ovo15 Lar13 Pup12 Adu3 Adu38 Wat32
Pectobacterium    Pup11   
Pseudomonas Ovo10 Lar17   Adu5 Adu46 Adu10 Wat31
Ralstonia    Pup9   
Rhizobium      Wat17
Serratia *** Ovo4 C19 C36 C37 Lar14 Lar23 Pup13 Pup23 C38 C58 Adu40 C6 C9 Wat9 Wat23
Siccibacter      C5 C7 C29
Sphingobacterium Ovo21     
Staphylococcus     Adu33  
Stenotrophomonas Ovo18    Adu4 Adu32 Wat11
35 unique genera of bacteria 179 Strains
  1. Strains were isolated from larvae, pupae, adult female mosquitoes and breeding site water from Coari (C), or Manaus. Strains from Manaus are isolated from the Anopheles darlingi eggs (Ovo), Larvae (Lar), Pupae (Pup), adult females (Adu) or breeding site surface water (Wat), strains selected for transformation with the plasmid pSPT-1-GFP are indicated with *** and the strains transformed for additional studies are indicated in bold and underlined. GenBank accession numbers for the 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequences are shown in Additional file 1: Tables S1–S5