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Table 1 Degrees of freedom (df), log-Likelihood (log(L)), AICc, ΔAICc (AICcmodel − AICcmin model), and AICc w (AICc weight) for each linear model in the conversion analysis ordered in descending fit (best-fitting model at the top)

From: Testing possible causes of gametocyte reduction in temporally out-of-synch malaria infections

Model description:
Log10 (Conversion) ~
dflog(L)AICcΔAICcAICc w
Donor photoschedule3− 1.70411.410.0000.688
Donor photoschedule + parasite schedule4− 1.06113.762.3510.212
Null2− 5.76416.455.0440.055
Donor photoschedule + parasite schedule + donor photoschedule*parasite schedule5− 1.03718.076.6670.025
Schedule3− 5.25918.527.1100.020
  1. The response variable for each model is the log10-transformed conversion rate. “Parasite schedule” refers to parasites either in-synch or out-of-synch with the host, and “donor photoschedule” corresponds to parasites taken from donor mice kept in either the standard or reversed light:dark schedule. The null model includes only “mouse” as a random effect