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Table 2 Degrees of freedom (df), log-Likelihood (log(L)), AICc, ΔAICc (AICci − AICcmin), and AIC w (AICc weight) for each linear model in the TNF ii analysis ordered in descending fit

From: Testing possible causes of gametocyte reduction in temporally out-of-synch malaria infections

Model description:
sqrt(gametocyte density) ~ + (1|mouse)
dflog(L)AICcΔAICcAICc w
Inj.time + samp.time6− 137.7288.10.0000.482
Samp.time5− 139.6289.71.5880.218
Inj.time + samp.time + treatment7− 137.8290.62.4970.138
Inj.time + samp.time + treatment + inj.time*treatment8− 137.1291.43.3180.092
Samp.time + treatment6− 139.7292.13.9530.067
Inj.time4− 145.3299.010.8720.002
Null3− 147.2300.612.5360.001
Inj.time + treatment5− 145.4301.413.2910.001
Treatment4− 147.3302.914.8250.000
  1. The response variable for each model is the square root-transformed gametocyte density and the random effect is “mouse”. “Samp.time” refers to sampling time (2- or 12-HPI), “inj.time” refers to injection time (ZT0 or ZT12 respectively), and treatment is either TNF-α or control. The null model includes only “mouse” as a random effect