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Table 5 Treatment practices of UMPs particularly for malaria

From: Unlicensed medical practitioners in tribal dominated rural areas of central India: bottleneck in malaria elimination

VariablesN = 140
n (%)
Total length (mean ± SD) of medical practice (year)8.3 ± 3.1
Attended any training programme125 (89.3)
Training provided by govt. agency40 (28.6)
Training period (months) (mean ± SD)7.3 ± 3.5
Training on malaria diagnosis and treatment6 (4.3)
Major common diseases in area
 Malaria136 (97.1)
 Diarrhoea57 (40.7)
 Skin disease11 (7.9)
 Cough cold35 (25.0)
 Typhoid6 (4.3)
 Tuberculosis8 (5.7)
 Viral Fever9 (6.4)
 Jaundice2 (1.4)
Providing services on following health issues
 Maternal health care72 (51.4)
 Child health care106 (75.7)
 Family planning124 (88.6)
 Vaccination111 (79.3)
 Common diseases (diarrhoea, skin diseases, typhoid, piles, asthma)140 (100.0)
 Malaria138 (98.6)
 Tuberculosis5 (3.6)
 No. of patients treated in last week (mean ± SD)47.3 ± 34.9
 No. of fever cases treated in last week (mean ± SD)27.4 ± 24.7
 No. of malaria patient treated in last week (mean ± SD)17.6 ± 5.8
 Usually treat suspected malaria cases based on clinical symptoms53 (37.9)
 Treat suspected malaria cases only after blood test using RDTs87 (62.1)
 Having malaria RDT in stock (physically verified)127 (90.7)
Source of RDT procured
 Market137 (97.9)
 Government Hospital/ASHAs2 (1.4)
Source of antimalarial procured
 Market138 (98.6)
 Government hospital/ASHAs2 (1.4)
Mode of treatment preferred
 Injectable94 (67.1)
 Oral (tablets/syrup)15 (10.7)
 Both31 (22.1)
Cause of preference of injectable
 Patient psychology (client’s preference)103 (73.6)
 Fast recovery (provider’s preference)37 (26.4)
 Treated complicated/serious malaria patient6 (4.3)
 Heard about national diagnosis and treatment guidelines of malaria12 (8.6)
Treatment practices of malaria patients
 E-Mal (artesunate injection)
  P. falciparum95 (67.9)
  P. vivax17 (12.1)
 Quinine tablets
  P. falciparum2 (1.4)
  P. vivax3 (2.1)
 Quinine injection
  P. falciparum2 (1.4)
  P. vivax2 (1.4)
 Chloroquine tablets
  P. falciparum18 (12.9)
  P. vivax31 (22.1)
 Chloroquine injection
  P. falciparum11 (7.9)
  P. vivax33 (23.6)
 Primaquine tablets
  P. falciparum25 (17.9)
  P. vivax7 (5.0)