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Table 2 Detection of P. falciparum and diagnostic performance of the csRDT and the uRDT

From: Use of a highly-sensitive rapid diagnostic test to screen for malaria in pregnancy in Indonesia

 nTPFPTNFNSensitivity (%)Specificity %PPV (%)NPV (%)DORAgreement (κ)
Detection of P. falciparum including non-falciparum species
 csRDT Pf-line27036510712222.8(16.7–30.3)95.5(89.4–98.3)87.8(73–95.4)46.7(79.8–88.8)6.3(2.4–16.7)0.16(0.09–0.23)
Detection of P. falciparum excluding non-falciparum species
 csRDT Pf-line2423628212222.8(16.7–30.3)97.6(90.9–99.6)94.7(80.9–99.1)40.2(33.5–47.3)12.1(2.8–51.6)0.15(0.09–0.15)
  1. n number of samples, TP True Positive, FP False positive, TN True Negative, FN False Negative, Sens sensitivity, Spec specificity, lowCI Lower 95% confidence Interval, UpperCI Upper 95% confidence interval, PPV Positive Predictive Value, NPV Negative Predictive Value, DOR Diagnostics odds ratio, k Kappa value