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Table 2 The maximum likelihood estimate (MLE) of infection rate of Anopheles fluviatilis and Anopheles culicifacies during pre and post-spraying

From: Evaluation of long-lasting indoor residual spraying of deltamethrin 62.5 SC-PE against malaria vectors in India

Test particularsPre-sprayingPost-spraying
An. fluviatilisAn. culicifaciesAn. fluviatilisAn. culicifacies
No. of mosquitoes411248132298520962657
No. of pools11181125437752
No. of pool +ve001105013
Infection rate (95% CI) (0.02 to 1.9)0.7% (0.04 to 3.6)0.001.01% (0.4 to 2.2)0.002.2% (1.2 to 3.7)