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Table 5 Results of cone-bioassays

From: Evaluation of DawaPlus 3.0 and DawaPlus 4.0, deltamethrin–PBO combination nets against pyrethroid-resistant Anopheles culicifacies in experimental huts in India

Experiment armsBefore any washAfter 10 washesAfter 20 washesPrior to hut evaluationAfter hut evaluation
NECM (%)NECM (%)NECM (%)NECM (%)NECM (%)
Untreated polyester net (negative control)500500500500500
Unwashed DawaPlus 2.0 (positive control)50100501005010050325040
DawaPlus 2.0 washed 20 times (positive control)50100501005010050265034
Unwashed DawaPlus 3.050100501005010050485050
DawaPlus 3.0 washed 20 times50100501005010050345070
Unwashed DawaPlus 4.050100501005010050485054
DawaPlus 4.0 washed 20 times5010050100501005045036
  1. Prior to and after experiment hut evaluation, An. culicifacies was used for bioassay whereas before any wash and after washes An. stephensi was used for the assay
  2. NE number exposed, CM corrected mortality