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Table 1 Vital signs and blood profiles at the first and second Plasmodium vivax episode

From: Vivax malaria in pregnancy and lactation: a long way to health equity

 1st episode2nd episode
Schizontocidal treatmentCOA+CHQ
EGA (weeks + days)18 + 435 + 4
Maternal vital signs
 Heart rate (beats per minute)7092
 Blood pressure (mmHg)110/60120/80
 Respiratory rate (per minute)2423
 Body temperature (degree celsius)38.836.1
 Weight (kg)5766
 Fetal heart rate (beats per minute)148152
 Fundal height (cm)1529
PVT (per µL)340478
PVG (per µL)13662
Parasite clearance (days)12
RBC (× 106/μL)3.63 (2.81–4.49)4.0 (2.71–4.73)
HCT (%)31.2* (30–39)35.1 (28.0–40.0)
HB (g/dL)10.0 (9.7–14.8)11.9 (9.5–15.0)
Reticulocytes (%)5.4 (0.8–2.0)NA
WBC (× 103/μL)8.5 (5.6–14.8)10.4 (5.9–16.9)
Platelets (× 103/μL)245 (155–409)217 (146–429)
  1. Reference ranges are shown in brackets and were adjusted to the corresponding trimester [38]
  2. CHQ, Chloroquine; COA+, augmented regimen of artemether–lumefantrine (5 tablets twice daily for 4 days); EGA, estimated gestational age; HB, haemoglobin; HCT, haematocrit; NA, not available; PVG, Plasmodium vivax gametocytes; PVT, Plasmodium vivax trophozoites; RBC, red blood cell count; WBC, white blood cell count
  3. * HCT declined to 27% on day 5