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Table 2 Blood results before, during, and after primaquine radical cure at 5 months postpartum

From: Vivax malaria in pregnancy and lactation: a long way to health equity

 Day 1 (before PMQ)Day 4Day 7Day 10–1211 weeks7 months
HCT (35.4–44.4%)41%27.4%30%37%36.1%
Reticulocytes (per 1000 RBC)340
RBC (4.00–5.20 × 106/μL)3.14
Hb (12.0–15.8 g/dL)8.911.9
G6PD FSTNormal
G6PD activity* (IU/gHb) [% population median]7.7 [103%]4.62 [62%]
Infant HCT36%38%33%33%36%
Infant G6PD FSTNormal 
  1. * Activity measured by spectrophotometry