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Table 1 Case definitions for malaria [9]

From: Updates on malaria incidence and profile in Malaysia from 2013 to 2017

Malaria case, confirmedMalaria case (or infection) in which the parasite has been detected in a diagnostic test, i.e., microscopy, a rapid test or a molecular diagnostic test
Malaria, all casesAll malaria cases irrespective of Plasmodium species (including imported case)
Malaria case, importedMalaria case or infection in which the infection was acquired outside the area in which it is diagnosed (get infected outside Malaysia)
Malaria case, indigenousA case contracted locally with no evidence of importation and no direct link to transmission from an imported case (get infected in Malaysia)
Malaria eliminationInterruption of local transmission (reduction to zero incidence of indigenous case) of a specified malaria parasite in a defined geographical area as a result of deliberate activities. Continued measures to prevent re-establishment of transmission are required