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Table 3 Genetic diversity of k13 gene from imported P. falciparum infections

From: Molecular surveillance of Pfcrt and k13 propeller polymorphisms of imported Plasmodium falciparum cases to Zhejiang Province, China between 2016 and 2018

RegionnP-distanceSHd (SD)Pi(JC)kTajima’s Dp-value
West Africa2470.000150.141 (0.030)0.00020.162− 2.32586< 0.01
South Africa530.00030.111 (0.059)0.000140.113− 1.68986> 0.05
Central Africa1060.00020.038 (0.026)0.000050.038 − 1.37037> 0.10
East Africa210.00020.186 (0.110)0.000240.190− 1.51414> 0.10
Totala4270.000200.114 (0.021)0.000160.126− 2.38774< 0.01
  1. S number of segregating sites, Hd haplotype diversity, Pi (JC) nucleotide diversity (Jukes and Cantor), k average number of nucleotide differences
  2. aSequences from North Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania were not included due to their limited sample size or number of mutants
  3. p-value for Tajima’s D