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Table 7 Pre- and post-screening random blood sugar levels among RDT-positive and RDT-negative children before and after wearing pCAM

From: A 2-month intervention study of preventive clothing against mosquito bites among malnourished and well-nourished children under 5 years of age living on the Atlantic Ocean Coast of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria

VariableSub-variableRBS at recruitmentRBS at 1st post-intervention measurementRBS at 2nd post-intervention measurement
Freq. (%)Mean (± sd)Freq. (%)Mean (± sd)tP-valueFreq. (%)Mean (± sd)tP-value
Malaria statusAll102 (100.0)94.8 (12.5)102 (100.0)93.2 (15.2)Not significant102 (100.0)90.3 (12.8)2.540.006
RDT +ve60 (58.8)95.0 (12.4)43 (42.2)94.1 (18.6)Not significant40 (39.2)91.0 (14.4)Not significant
RDT −ve42 (41.2)94.4 (12.6)59 (57.8)92.4 (12.4)Not significant62 (60.8)89.9 (11.8)1.860.03
t-test (P-value)Not significantNot significantNot significant