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Table 2 Antiplasmodial activity of naphthoquine (NQ) in male and female mice infected with Plasmodium yoelii

From: The gender-related variability in the pharmacokinetics and antiplasmodial activity of naphthoquine in rodents

TreatmentED50 (mg/kg)ED90 (mg/kg)
CQ (male)0.76 ± 0.162.18 ± 0.41
NQ (male)0.71 ± 0.081.10 ± 0.11
NQ (female)0.94 ± 0.121.67 ± 0.47
  1. Chloroquine (CQ) was used as a positive model drug. In vivo experiments consisted of 5 doses, with 9 mice/dose. ED50 and ED90 were calculated by Prism (GraphPad) software from a best-fit curve