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Table 3 Interview excerpts that express motivation to participate in MDA as a way to support the general community

From: Rapid ethnographic assessment for potential anti-malarial mass drug administration in an outbreak area of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Example quotation
Original Spanish
Participant background
It is a contribution to my community
Eso es un aporte a mi comunidad
Female, 40 years old, Capotillo
It is a social act that deserves support
Una obra social que merece apoyo
Male, 59 years old, Los Guandules
For the people of the neighbourhood, because they need it
Por las personas del barrio, porque lo necesitan
Male, 56 years old, Los Tres Brazos
To help my neighbourhood with this evil disease
Para ayudar a mi pueblo con esa enfermedad mala
Male, 62 years old, Los Tres Brazos
To cooperate with others
Para cooperar con los demás personas
Female, 49 years old, Los Tres Brazos
That way, other people in the community won’t get sick
Así no se enfermarían otras personas aquí en el sector
Male, 21 years old, Sabana Perdida
Because what I want for myself, I want for others
Por que lo que quiero para mi, yo quiero para los demás
Female, 38 years old, Sabana Perdida
If it benefits the community, I see it as very important
Si es beneficial a la comunidad, lo veo muy importante
Female, 27 years old, Guaricano