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Table 9 Efficacy of standard diagnostic tools for detecting Plasmodium sp.

From: Multiplex-RT-PCR-ELISA panel for detecting mosquito-borne pathogens: Plasmodium sp. preserved and eluted from dried blood spots on sample cards


Sensitivity (+/+)

Specificity (−/−)

Blood smear microscopy, n = 122

40.0% (10/25)

92.8% (90/97)

mRDT (NADAL®), n = 132

96.3% (26/27)

98.1% (103/105)

  1. The presence of Plasmodium sp. in blood samples obtained from 132 children suspected of having malaria was assessed by blood smear microscopy and mRDT. The results were compared to those obtained for the same patient cohort that tested positive by multiplex-RT-PCR-ELISA, i.e., 27 of 132