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Table 2 Correlation of TPM values between antisense transcripts and their associated reference transcripts across the two life cycle stages (oocyst and salivary gland sporozoites)

From: In silico identification of novel open reading frames in Plasmodium falciparum oocyte and salivary gland sporozoites using proteogenomics framework

Associated reference transcript Antisense transcript Correlation coefficient p-value Reference transcript fold-change Reference protein fold-change
PF3D7_0209600.1 MSTRG.182.1 0.984 0.000360 ns
PF3D7_0103800.1 MSTRG.17.1 − 0.964 0.00187
PF3D7_0414500.1 MSTRG.618.1 0.947 0.00415 ns
PF3D7_0314000.1 MSTRG.401.1 − 0.928 0.00758  ↑
PF3D7_1116000.1 MSTRG.2636.1 0.879 0.0211
  1. ↓ indicates that the fold change is negative in differential expression analysis and ↑ indicates positive fold-change. ns indicates that the reference transcript was not significantly differentially expressed