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Table 2 Proposed schedule of continuous reviews for the malaria programme

From: A model for malaria elimination based on learnings from the Malaria Elimination Demonstration Project, Mandla district, Madhya Pradesh

S.No. Project component/process Frequency Mode Follow-up/action taken/review
1. Overall project progress – National/State level review Annual In-person In subsequent months
2. Supervisory-level monthly meeting Monthly In-person Immediate
3. 30-point monitoring checklist Monthly compilation Hardcopies – digitized within same month In subsequent months
4. Monthly project progress reports – includes surveillance data and major highlights of the month Monthly Electronic In the subsequent month.
5. ANM/MPW meeting at cluster-level Fortnightly In-person Immediate
6. Weekly project progress report – includes work-done, work-planned, open action items and detailed field visit reports Weekly Electronic report followed by in-person conference every Monday Immediate
7. Findings during field visits Weekly Electronic reports and in-person discussions Immediate
8. Work report of each MPS/LHV and MPW/ANM with highlights Daily Electronic on SOCH app and WhatsApp Immediate
9. Monitoring and feedback of work-products through mobile app and WhatsApp 24 × 7 Verbal and electronic through WhatsApp Immediate