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Table 4 Parasite densities and PfHRP2 RDT results among PCR double deletions of pfhrp2 exon2 and pfhrp3 exon2 genes

From: Detection of high prevalence of Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich protein 2/3 gene deletions in Assosa zone, Ethiopia: implication for malaria diagnosis

Sample ID Parasite density/µl as determined by microscopy Parasite density/µl as determined by qPCR PfHRP2 RDT results Pfhrp2 gene including the flanking regions Phrp3 gene including the flanking region
MAL7P1_230 Pfhrp2 Exon1-2 Pfhrp2 Exon2 MAL7P1_228 MAL13P1_475 Pfhrp3 Exon1-2 Pfhrp3 exon2 MAL13P1_485
HShr154 4800 1406.49
Hkum68 __ 23,827,545  + 
LShr106 __ 134.61
LBa16 __ 999.1  + 
Lkum59 10,000 773.06  + 
  1.  +  = Positive,,− = Negative,. Upstream (PF3D7_0831900(MAL7P1_230) and downstream (PF3D7_0831700(MAL7P1_228) flanking regions of Pfhrp2. Upstream (PF3D7_1372100(MAL13P1_475)) and) downstream (PF3D7_1372400(MAL13P1_485)) flanking regions of pfhrp3