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Table 1 Bottlenecks in MALARIA programme implementation in West Africa

From: Seeking research questions from implementers: considerations for leveraging ground actors research needs in the fight against malaria in West Africa

Theme Malaria
Governance Difficulty in accessing information from some partners
Inadequate collaboration with the private, para-public and religious communities at the district and regional levels
Inadequate capacity for management and coordination of control at the regional and district levels
Inefficiency in the implementation of SMC strategy?
Low availability of funds to support programme management activities
Weak cross-border collaboration and networking
Difficulty in delimiting partners' intervention zones
Human resources Lack of capacity, mobility
Lack of adequate motivation
Lack of a career plan
Inadequate capacity to design at the programme level
Drugs Out of stock (management)
Incomplete and poor data quality
Low storage capacity (districts, sites)
Low follow-up of efficiency and resistance
Shortage of SP
Poor adverse reaction reporting
Weak quality control
Counterfeit medicines
Service provision Absence of initial treatment prior to transfer of severe malaria case
What happened to tablets/drug left to the parents after 1st SMC distribution?
Insufficient directly observed SP treatment
Organizational deficiency in ANC
Low coverage of pregnant women with IPT2/3 at ANC
Insufficient funding for LLIN EC campaign and operational costs
Poor compliance with guidelines
Insufficient coverage of services
Use of prevention methods Non-optimal use of LLINs, IPT
Absence of insecticides for impregnating curtains
Population's poor perceptions of the use of LLINs
Low utilization/late attendance of ANC for IPT/SP
Insufficient mechanism for monitoring home dosing
Insufficient coverage of services
Monitoring and evaluation Difficulty in collecting community and private data
Availability, quality, completeness, timeliness and archiving of data
Inadequate supervision
Insufficient dissemination of research results
Lack of data on mortality due to malaria
Weak monitoring system
Public support or buy-in Poor adoption of behaviors in favour of the fight against malaria
Insufficiency, reluctance, non-adherence to the 2 home doses of the SMC by some parents
Fixed strategy disallowed by some parents, door-to-door preference as for national immunization days