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Table 1 Formulas used to calculate the entomological parameters

From: Indoor and outdoor malaria transmission in two ecological settings in rural Mali: implications for vector control

Entomological parameters Formula
Densities of female mosquitoes per room Total number of collected mosquitoes/total number of rooms
Human blood index (Total number of positive in ELISA for human blood/total number of tested mosquitoes) × 100
Human biting rates (HLC) Total number of collected mosquitoes/(total number of volunteers x number of rounds)
Human biting rates (PSC) Total number of freshly fed mosquitoes/number of residents that have slept in the rooms the previous night
Sporozoite infection rate in mosquitoes (Total positive in ELISA/total tested) × 100
Entomological Inoculation Rates (HLC and PSC) HBR × (Total positive in ELISA/total tested)