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Table 2 Cost categories

From: Cost-effectiveness of district-wide seasonal malaria chemoprevention when implemented through routine malaria control programme in Kita, Mali using fixed point distribution

Cost category
Input or Activity
Description Sample size Data source
Planning meetings: In total six meetings were held, including five field visits 6 meetings MCSP expenses record
Training A group of trainers was trained on SMC distribution. In turn, community health center staff, community and voluntary health workers (n = 100) were trained by trainers (n = 9). Total training cost was estimated using the number of participants and daily per diems; accommodation, refreshments and transportation costs were also included 6 trainings MCSP expenses record
Drugs Quantities were estimated by age group from NMCP 2014 drug accountability plan
Number of drugs received is from the drug accountability plan
AQ: 179,627 packs of 6 tablets
SP: 359 boxes of 1000 tablets
Costs were collected from Pharmacie Populaire du Mali drug stock inventory state, ACT, RDT, and anti- malarial store in November 2014
Personnel Personnel costs were collected and calculated in planning, training and distribution categories and captured both those directly responsible for delivering SMC and those supervising. Staff costs were classified by specialty; salary (plus associated benefits such as pensions, housing allowance etc.) Per diems and incentives were calculated according to activity 588 Ministry of Health personnel pay slips for 2014
Equipment The costs of materials and equipment such as drinking glasses, buckets, chairs and tables used during dispensing SMC   MCSP expenses record
Transport For transport cost during meetings, trainings and drugs distribution, MCSP/SC vehicles were used as well as rented vehicles. Vehicles maintenance costs were included in renting costs   The total number of vehicles used and the costs were estimated from vehicle renting cost per day from the Ministry of Health vehicle renting documents
Fuel costs were extracted from MCSP/SC monthly activities accounts
  1. NMCP National Malaria Control Program, MCSP/SC Maternal and Child Survival Program