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Table 4 Diagnostic properties of the UsmRDT and the mRDT kits in pregnant women (18 and 40 years old) and similarly aged non-pregnant women

From: Diagnostic performance of an ultrasensitive HRP2-based malaria rapid diagnostic test kit used in surveys of afebrile people living in Southern Ghana

  Pregnant women Non-pregnant women
Sensitivity 53.8 (7/13) 53.8 (7/13) 52.4 (11/24) 42.9 (9/21)
Specificity 100 (83/83) 100 (83/83) 94.5 (52/55) 96.4 (53/55)
  1. mRDT: SD Bioline Malaria Ag P.f RDT kit; UsmRDT: ultra-sensitive Alere™ Malaria Ag P.f RDT. The data represents values obtained after setting results obtained from PCR as the reference diagnostic tool