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Table 2 Study phases and stakeholders involved in activities

From: A participatory approach to address within‐country cross‐border malaria: the case of Menoreh Hills in Java, Indonesia

Phase Participants and organizational affiliations (number of participants)
Phase 1 Literature and secondary data review Research team
Phase 2 Consultations (agenda: prioritize problems and formulate interventions) Head of primary health centre (3)
The staff of the primary health centre (37)
Phase 3 Consultations (agenda: identify priority problems in malaria control) Head of Planning and Financing Division of Provincial/District Health Office (1)
Head of Communicable Disease Control Division or Head of Communicable Disease Section Provincial/District Health Office (1)
Malaria programme manager from each district (3)
Phase 4 Consultations (agenda: costing workshop with community representatives) The staff of the primary health centre (44)
Village representatives (27)
Phase 5 Consultations (agenda: consultation with national and provincial stakeholders) National level: Ministry of Health (Malaria sub directorate and vector-borne disease directorate) (6), Expert Committee of Malaria (3), Centre for Environmental Health and Engineering (1), and Centre for Vector Research (1)
Provincial-level: PHO (2), Provincial Planning Bureau (2), District Revenue Bureau (2), local government representatives (2)
District level: DHO (4), District Planning Bureau (2), local government representatives (2)
Phase 6 Strategic plan document writing Research team members
Phase 7 Dissemination of the strategic plan All stakeholders who were participated in the development of the strategic plan (Phase 2–5) were invited to attend the dissemination meeting.