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Table 3 Accession numbers and corresponding species names of the ITS2 sequences used for the phylogenetic analysis. The ITS2 sequences are available from the GenBank [30]

From: The new Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 diagnostic tool clarifies the taxonomic position and geographic distribution of the North American malaria vector Anopheles punctipennis

Acession number Species
MG028992 An. sinensis
LR877261 An. punctipennis
AY593958 An. beklemishivi
M64484 An. freeborni
M64483 An. hermsi
M64482 An. occidentalis
AF504204 An. messeae
FN665794 An. persiensis
AJ849885 An. martinius
EU346655 An. sacharovi
DQ662410 An. sacharovi
U32550 An. qudrimaculatus
U32503 An. smaragdius (An. quadimaculatus B)
U32504 An. diluvialis (An. quadimaculatus C1)
U32505 An. inundatus (An. quadimaculatus C2)
U32506 An. maverlius (An. quadimaculatus D)
AY245553 An. cricians A
AY386966 An. cricians E
AY386967 An. bradleyi
AY386965 An. cricians C
AY386964 An. cricians D