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Table 1 Demographic profiles of participants in this study (n = 33)

From: Rolling out the radical cure for vivax malaria in Asia: a qualitative study among policy makers and stakeholders

SSI# Age range in years Sex Country Qualification Type of job
SSI-1 50–60 M Nepal PhD Government
SSI-2A 40–50 M Bhutan MPH Government
SSI-2B 50–60 M Bhutan PG Diploma Government
SSI-3 40–50 M Nepal MD, MPH Non-Government
SSI-4 40–50 M Pakistan MBBS, MPH Government
SSI-5 50–60 M Nepal MD, MSc Non-Government
SSI-6 40–50 M India MD Government
SSI-7 60–70 M Bangladesh MD, PhD Government
SSI-8 50–60 M Bhutan PhD Non-Government
SSI-9 50–60 M Cambodia MD, MPH Non-Government
SSI-10 50–60 M Laos MD, PhD Government
SSI-11 50–60 M Afghanistan MPH Government
SSI-12 50–60 M Cambodia MD, MPH Non-Government
SSI-13 50–60 M Cambodia MD Non-Government
SSI-14 40–50 F Afghanistan MD, MPH Government
SSI-15 50–60 M Salomon Island MPH Government
SSI-16 40–50 M Pakistan MSc Government
SSI-17 50–60 M Philippines MD, MPH Government
SSI-18 40–50 F Thailand MD, MCTM Government
SSI-19 60–70 M Indonesia MD, PhD Non-Government
SSI-20 60–70 M India MBBS, MD Government
SSI-21 30–40 M Vietnam MD, PhD Non-Government
SSI-22 60–70 F Indonesia MD Government
SSI-23 60–70 M Myanmar MD, PhD Non-Government
SSI-24 60–70 M Philippines MD, DTM&H Non-Government
SSI-25 40–50 F Vietnam PhD Non-Government
SSI-26A 50–60 M Malaysia MD Government
SSI-26B 50–60 F Malaysia MPH Government
SSI-27 40–50 M Myanmar MD, PhD, MBA Non-Government
SSI-28 40–50 F Vanuatu PhD Non-Government
SSI-29 50–60 M PNG MD, MPH Non-Government
SSI-30 40–50 M Afghanistan MD, MPH Non-Government
SSI-31 40–50 M Afghanistan MD, MPH Non-Government
  1. SSI semi-structured interview, M male, F female