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Table 2 Costing activities

From: Costing electronic private sector malaria surveillance in the Greater Mekong Subregion

  Intervention category Activities Persons responsible for activity
Start-up costs Introduction of electronic surveillance system (DHIS 2) System design
System configuration
Design of surveillance bulletins
NGO/National/International staffa
Consultants (DHIS2)
Introduction of mobile reporting Mobile application design
Mobile application development
Piloting mobile applications
Training providers on mobile reporting
National/international staff
Consultants (DHIS2/Android)
Capital costs Introduction of electronic surveillance system (DHIS 2) Procurement of hardware: desktops National staff
Introduction of mobile reporting Procurement of hardware: mobile devices National staff
Recurrent costs Electronic surveillance system (DHIS 2) Data entry (centralized)
System upgrades and maintenance
Server hosting
Supportive supervision of malaria providers
Data quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation
Production and dissemination of surveillance reports
NGO/National staffb
Consultants (system upgrades and maintenance)
Mobile reporting Mobile app upgrades and maintenance
Mobile data packages
National staff
Consultants (mobile app upgrades and maintenance)
  1. aNGO staff assisted with system configuration
  2. bSupervision is conducted by NGO workers