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Table 7 Comparisons of estimated annual costs of electronic surveillance with National Malaria Program

From: Costing electronic private sector malaria surveillance in the Greater Mekong Subregion

  Economic cost of electronic surveillance Estimated annual costs national malaria strategic plan Estimated cost of surveillance in NMSP % Electronic surveillance to annual program budget % Electronic surveillance to estimated surveillance budget
Cambodia $263,224 (14 out of 25 provinces) $50,354,592 N/A 0.5 N/A
Lao PDR $152,805 (5 out of 17 provinces) $14,557,696 $2,260,000 1.0 6.8%
Myanmar $1,310,912 (entire country) $92,600,000 $6,400,000 1.5 20.5%
  1. It should be noted that Myanmar used a different model of electronic surveillance (tablets with monthly reporting by NGO workers) than in Cambodia and Lao PDR where smartphones were used