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Table 1 Case classification in Thailand

From: Implementation and success factors from Thailand’s 1-3-7 surveillance strategy for malaria elimination

Case classification Current definition
A Indigenous case, a patient who contracted malaria in the village where the patient lived during infection period
B Imported case, a patient who contracted malaria from another area. Place of infection must be identified at village level
 Bx Contracted malaria from another village but within the same subdistrict
 By Contracted malaria from another subdistrict but within the same district
 Bz Contracted malaria from another district but within the same province
 Bo Contracted malaria from another province
 Bf Contracted malaria from abroad
C Relapse case, a Plasmodium vivax or Plasmodium ovale patient who had a malaria episode and has recurrent fever that is not a new infection
D Induced case, a patient who received malaria parasites from blood transfusion
E Introduced case, a patient who contracted malaria with evidence connecting the case to an imported case
F Unclassified case where, after investigation, staff are unable to determine a whether the patient is A or B
G Uninvestigated case, a patient that staff unsuccessfully attempted to investigate