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Table 1 Thematic categories from in depth interviews for overnight travellers in 2019

From: Challenges and opportunities for use of long-lasting insecticidal nets to prevent malaria during overnight travel in Uganda: a qualitative study

Theme Category
Theme1: Prospects to use of malaria prevention methods
 Motivation for use of malaria prevention methods Knowledge about preventive methods
Causes of malaria during travel
Positive perception about use of malaria prevention methods
Health benefit
Theme 2: Challenges to use of malaria prevention methods
 Individual barriers Time of travel
Reason for travel
Time for preparation
Negative perceptions about malaria prevention methods
 Logistical factors Limited space for use of malaria prevention methods
High cost of malaria prevention methods
 Socio-cultural factors Use of traditional medicine
Cultural beliefs and practices
Theme 3: Reasons for travel Social: (weddings, funerals, overnight prayers),
Family obligations: (school, holiday for children)
Work: (work/ business trips)
Theme 4: Places where participants slept Hotels, funerals, conference halls, personal upcountry homes, other people’s homes
Theme 5: Source of information about malaria prevention Sensitization campaigns at health facilities, media (radio and TV)
Willingness to use malaria prevention methods during travel Yes