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Table 1 Formulae and data sources for completeness and accuracy outcomes

From: Effectiveness of in-service training plus the collaborative improvement strategy on the quality of routine malaria surveillance data: results of a pilot study in Kayunga District, Uganda

Outcomes and formulae Data sources
Completeness outcomes, per month
Completeness of all field = \(\frac{{\# \;{{\rm of}}\;{{\rm malaria}}\;{{\rm records}}^{{{\rm a}}} \;{{\rm with}}\;{{\rm all}}\;{{\rm fields}}\;{{\rm complete}}}}{{\# \;{{\rm malaria}}\;{{\rm records}}}}\) OPDb register
Completeness of clinically relevant fieldsc = \(\frac{{\# \;{{\rm of}}\;{{\rm malaria}}\;{{\rm records}}\;{{\rm with}}\;{{\rm clinically}}\;{{\rm relevant}}\;{{\rm fields}}\;{{\rm complete}}}}{{\# \;{{\rm of}}\;{{\rm malaria}}\;{{\rm records}}}}\) OPD register
Accuracy outcomes (measured as relative differences), per month
Accuracy of reported malaria cases = \(\frac{{\left| {\# \;{{\rm malaria}}\;{{\rm cases}}\;{{\rm in}}\;{{\rm OPD}} - \# {{\rm malaria}}\;{{\rm cases}}\;{{\rm in}}\;{{\rm monthly}}\;{{\rm reports}}} \right|}}{{\# \;{{\rm of}}\;{{\rm malaria}}\;{{\rm cases}}\;{{\rm in}}\;{{\rm OPD}}}}\) OPD register vs. monthly reports
Accuracy of reported TPRd = \(\frac{{\left| {{{\rm TPR}}\;{{\rm based}}\;{{\rm on}}\;{{\rm lab}}\;{{\rm register}} - {{\rm TPR}}\;{{\rm based}}\;{{\rm on}}\;{{\rm monthly}}\;{{\rm report}}} \right|}}{{{{\rm TPR}}\;{{\rm based}}\;{{\rm on}}\;{{\rm lab}}\;{{\rm register}}}}\) Lab register vs. monthly reports
  1. aMalaria records: an individual-level patient register entry of patients diagnosed with malaria
  2. bOPD: outpatient department
  3. cClinically-relevant fields: age, sex, weight, diagnosis, and treatment
  4. dTPR: test positivity rate (proportion of all malaria tests done with a positive result)