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Table 1 Overview of 10 day co-culture of human B-cells and P. falciparum

From: Direct contact between Plasmodium falciparum and human B-cells in a novel co-culture increases parasite growth and affects B-cell growth

Day -4 Isolate B-cells from PBMC using CD19 + Dynabeads
Day -3 Detatch B-cells from Dynabeads
Irradiate CD40L + mouse fibroblasts
Put B-cells together with irradiated CD40L + cells for activation
Day 0 Put activated B-cells and P. falciparum together in co-culture
Day 2–9 Daily monitoring of the co-culture and counting of parasitaemia by microscopy
Media change with/without addition of cytokines and recomb CD40L on alternate days. Addition of fresh RBC if needed
Day 10 Flow cytometry of B-cells