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Table 5 Assessment by community of Mandla towards performance of MEDP

From: Assessing community knowledge, attitude and practices to strengthen communication strategy for Malaria Elimination Demonstration Project in Mandla

  Frequency Percentage
Community assessment of MEDP workers   
 People know about MEDP 671 (Out of 773) 86.8
(Assessment made out of N = 671)   
 People could recognise a village malaria worker 656 97.8
 Workers visits their house regularly 597 89.0
 Workers gives IEC inforation on malaria 493 73.5
 During diagnosis, workers explain in details about the treatment and its importance 280 41.7
 Understand the messages provided by the workers 593 88.4
 Would like the worker to keep visiting them 659 98.2
 People follow the learnings provided by the workers 582 86.7
 People willing to help MEDP by sharing the learning to the larger groups 543 80.9
Places where malaria related information received   
 House to house visits and interpersonal communication 546 81.4
 Community Camp Approach 125 18.6
 Both (at home and in camp) 88 13.1