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Table 3 Distribution of women in terms of knowledge of malaria disease before and after the checklist

From: The provider’s checklist to improve pregnant women coverage by intermittent preventive malaria treatment in Mali: a pilot implementation study

Symptom and means of prevention Knowledge
Before the checklist
n = 100
After the checklist
n = 100
p value
Average (Fever + LLIN) 21 0  
Good (Fever + LLIN + IPTp-SP) 2 17 0.01*
Very good (Fever + LLIN + IPTp-SP + Rep. /IRS) 0 22
Does not know (Fever + no preventive means) 77 61
  1. LLIN Long lasting impregnated mosquito net, IRS Indoor residual spraying, Rep Repellent
  2. *p-value was calculated by fisher test comparing the association of average, good and very good replies number, versus do not know the number