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Table 3 Statistically significant biological processes and enriched pathways of key human malaria-associated genes inferred from gene ontology and KEGG database

From: Network-driven analysis of human–Plasmodium falciparum interactome: processes for malaria drug discovery and extracting in silico targets

Gene ontology
(GO)-id process
Gene ontology term name P-value Adjusted
Enriched biological process
 Go:0042346 Positive regulation of nfkappab import into nucleus 2.00161e−05 0.00432
 Go:0045348 Positive regulation of mhc
Class ii biosynthetic process
2.40637e−06 0.00052
 Go:0032689 Negative regulation of
Interferon-gamma production
3.10034e−05 0.00670
 Go:0007157 Heterophilic cell–cell adhesion
Via plasma membrane cell adhesion molecules
0.00012 0.02714
 Go:2000352 Negative regulation of endothelial
Cell apoptotic process
2.70760e−05 0.00585
 Go:0032715 Negative regulation of interleukin-6 production 8.99764e−08 1.9434e-05
 Go:2000343 Positive regulation of chemokine (c-x-c motif) ligand 1.68841e−05 0.00364
 Go:0032729 Positive regulation of
Interferon-gamma production
0.00012 0.02713
  Go:0070374 Positive regulation of erk1
And erk2 cascade
2.8883e−05 0.00623
 Go:0050830 Defence response to gram-positive bacterium 2.65221e−05 0.00572
 Go:0034116 Positive regulation of heterotypic cell–cell adhesion 1.68841e−05 0.00364
 Go:0044130 Negative regulation of
Growth of symbiont in host
6.07930e−06 0.00131
 Go:0030198 Extracellular matrix organization 5.39819e−05 0.01166
 Go:0045416 Positive regulation of
Interleukin-8 biosynthetic process
2.40637e−06 0.00051
 Go:0032755 Positive regulation of
Interleukin-6 production
0.00016 0.03562
 Go:0002740 Negative regulation of cytokine
Secretion involved in immune response
1.00303e−06 0.00021
 Go:0045429 Positive regulation of nitric
Oxide biosynthetic process
1.23374e−07 2.665e−05
 Go:0043032 Positive regulation of
Macrophage activation
1.02165e−05 0.00220
 Go:1904999 Positive regulation of leukocyte
Adhesion to arterial endothelial
2.00663e−07 4.3343e−05
 Go:0031663 Lipopolysaccharide mediated
Signalling pathway
2.42641e−08 5.2410e−06
 Go:1904707 Positive regulation of vascular
Smooth muscle cell proliferation
0.00016 0.03663
 Go:0032800 Receptor biosynthetic process 6.68766e−07 0.00014
 Go:1900227 Positive regulation of nlrp3 inflammasome complex assembly 2.70759e−05 0.00584
A. Enriched pathway
 Kegg pathway id Kegg-pathway-name P-value Adjusted p-value
 Hsa05144 Malaria 0.0 0.0
 Hsa05310 Asthma 6.52960e−07 7.966e−05
 Hsa04145 Phagosome 1.46003e−06 0.00017
 Hsa05146 Amoebiasis 0.00014 0.01745
 Hsa04640 Hematopoietic cell lineage 1.70661e−06 0.00020
 Hsa05330 Allograft rejection 3.03329e−06 0.00037
 Hsa05133 Pertussis 8.77858e−06 0.00107
 Hsa04940 Type i diabetes mellitus 9.00124e−05 0.01098
 Hsa05162 Measles 8.93218e−05 0.0108
 Hsa04650 Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity 0.00014 0.01724
 Hsa04657 Il—17 signalling pathway 0.00037 0.04624
 Hsa05152 Tuberculosis 1.92895e−10 2.35332e−08
 Hsa05150 Staphylococcus aureus infection 4.40440e−08 5.37336e−06
 Hsa05142 Chagas disease (american trypanosomiasis) 7.77032e−05 0.00947
 Hsa05143 African trypanosomiasis 7.32790e−10 8.9400e-08
 Hsa05140 Leishmaniasis 1.16192e−11 1.41754e−09
 Hsa05321 Inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) 9.68744e−08 1.18186e−05
 Hsa05322 Systemic lupus erythematosus 3.51918e−05 0.00429
 Hsa05323 Rheumatoid arthritis 0.00027 0.03331
 Hsa05320 Autoimmune thyroid disease 9.62632e−06 0.00117
 Hsa05332 Graft—versus—host disease 0.00010 0.01229