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Table 1 Performance of XN-31 compared to the combination of parasitological examinations used in routine patient care

From: Fast detection and quantification of Plasmodium species infected erythrocytes in a non-endemic region by using the Sysmex XN-31 analyzer

Overall result of parasitological examinations
  Positive Negative
XN-31 result   
 Positive 13 0
 Indeterminate 1 2
 Negative 0 96
 Total 14 98
Predictive value and efficiency
PPV NPV Efficiency
100% 100% 96%
  1. PPV: positive predictive value, defines the probability of having Plasmodium in a sample with a positive result. NPV: negative predictive value, describes the probability of not having Plasmodium in a sample with a negative test result. Efficiency is the proportion of correctly classified samples as negative or positive among all samples